Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jake Escapes

Jake escaped today (again.) He somehow managed to slip out of his collar, and then he started chasing after a truck! We live near the woods, so it's not too good with escaped corgis. Especially since we also have lots of bears. When Jake escaped, we drove off in search of him, but couldn't find him. When we returned home, we saw Jake sitting in front of the door waiting for us! I guess if Jake was more car smart, we';d allow him to go outside without wearing a leash more often.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Comments on Dott & OC…

Goodness, so long has passed… I’ve been pretty busy with my other blogs (I do 5 with this one) and I’ve been twittering, too. This blog, I believe, is to share MY feelings and thoughts on Corgi ownership.

As you may have read on the Country Corgis Blog, we aren’t sure if Dott is pregnant or not. She did manage to sneak out with Doug, but then we had bred OC 5 times (she only came in once a year & we started when she was 2) before she actually took and had pups, so we don’t know what’s going to happen as this wasn’t a multiple breeding. Dott came in only 6 months ago, and that is what all the other dogs (other than corgis) I’ve had over the years have done… May take after the prolific Chihuahua/Doxie’s I’ve always had. I guess we will see.

I think that having a full male that had been out “catting” as we used to call it, around, may have triggered her heat, as she is 3 and only had 2 heats before and they were a year apart (as both Mist and OC’s have always been.) Then, when she came in, it triggered OC because she has NEVER had a heat in less than a year between and she is 10 years old! It is an interesting concept… I wonder if they didn’t come in very often because they weren’t around other dogs, very much, that weren’t neutered.

OC seems to be doing alright after having been stepped on (sort of) by Tuffy (the 1200 lb. Palomino). She didn’t move fast enough to get out of his way and I don’t think he actually stepped on her (though it looked like it to me at the time) I think he may just have grazed her hip and it rolled her, or maybe her corgi herding instincts caused her to duck down and roll. Anyway, she didn’t seem to have any problems the first day or so (I watched VERY closely the first night because I wasn’t sure if her adrenaline was hiding something—she got MAJORLY TICKED at him!) I had to MAKE her come in cause she was going to give him “what for!!!” We don’t call her OC (Ornery Cuss) for nothing!

The third day, she was pretty gimpy, but that may have been because she overdid on their run. She usually gets that way if she tries to climb anything while they are out. She never pays attention to herself if her mind is on something else… like the other dogs running around or trying to chase something, etc. Sometimes, when she is having trouble standing up, if I hold a piece of chicken breast jerky in front of her, THEN she can do it after only one or two tries when she is having a hard night… other times, I have to pick up her hind end and then she is ok once she is standing. (I know the feeling as it works like that for me too, now-a-days with my hip/back problems) “UP’s” are HARD!

It is interesting, as I read a book about animals that mentioned that they don’t like for others to see when they are having problems as it is an old instinctual thing to help them not look weak to predators. They have to trust you a lot or really have problems before they will show weakness. She is just so “big-hearted” and I love her so much!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Naughty Jake!

Today I came home to hear that Jake has completely torn open the garbage and he'd strewn it all over the floor. He also ate the can of corn beef hash we had in there. We're all pretty sure it was because we (as in my sister and me) were gone. That dog just loves trouble, and I know that one day I'll miss it, but man, I hope he dosen't get into so much trouble!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hubby's Memories of Mist & Bud

When Linda read me her posts on Bud and Misty, a lot of old memories returned and I thought I’d share some of them with you. I remember trying to take Buddy with me when I was driving my eighteen wheeler, but he couldn’t stay still. I was in an old cab-over then, and he would be bouncing from the passenger seat to the doghouse (cover over the engine between the seats) onto the dash, back to the sleeper, back to the dash, under my feet… so it didn’t work out well, and I couldn’t keep taking him.

He was a very smart dog. I remember one time he was running across the front yard and cut his foot quite badly, and the first thing he did was run over to us to have us fix it for him. It bled a LOT for a long time, but he was very good and let us wrap it and hold it quite tightly while driving him to the vet (since we couldn’t get it to stop bleeding and it was in a place we couldn’t stitch.

Concerning the picture of Bud in front of the fan (this one is slightly different), I once emailed it to Dan, a local DJ on KAXL, our local Christian Radio station. I put the title of “Chilling in McKittrick, and listening to Dan on the radio.” We got a reply back that Dan hadn’t known that he had a “fan” club in McKittrick, so we appointed Bud as the president of his fan club and he (Bud) would email Dan occasionally which he always got a kick out of.

As for my Misty, she and I got to travel quite a bit of the country together. She would either lay quietly in the sleeper, or sit or lay quietly on my left leg. I no longer drive the big rigs, but that spot on my leg is where BG rides now. We (Misty and I) probably put in over 100,000 miles that way.

Once, on my day off, before OC was born, we went up to the mountains where my son was working on a Ranch and spent the day with him. We drove around, checking the cattle. We had to use quads to check one large pasture. Misty rode on the gas tank for a while and then she jumped off and ran along beside me for quite a while. She was a really fast girl and really seemed to love that day!

I wish I could explain how, later on, after OC was old enough to go, that the four of us (Mist, Me, Linda and OC) would fit into that small sleeper in my Big Rig at night, but we did it! I know that Mist really loved to go on road trips. I want to thank you for allowing me to share some of these good memories with you as I don’t blog or do much with the computer. CMB

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mist’s Story…

We got our precious Mist (AKC Irish Misty Fire) in February of 1996. She was 8 weeks old, and we bought her from a local breeder. She was a beautiful little black tri.

Since Bud had decided to choose one of my sons as his person, when we got Mist, we made sure that she bonded with my husband before I would let any of the kids play with her (and boy, was THAT a difficult task... she was SO CUTE!!!).

When she was about 3 months old, he took her to work with him and a guy at his office chased her, stomping and yelling, teasing my hubby, and it scared the tar out of poor little Mist. As those of you with Corgis know, they have VERY LONG memories, and she was very leery of strangers for the rest of her life.

Mist was such a quiet, sweet little soul. She loved her Dad with all of her heart and soul and loved the rest of us as well. She was very smart (I guess that is a given since she was a corgi) and she was super fast. She used to be able to sneak close and then sprint and catch birds before they could fly away.

She only came into heat every 13 months, and after her second heat, we tried to breed her because I had several people that wanted pups, but she was 4 years old before she finally had puppies.

She had three pups, and the first was very large and born breach. We think that she was injured or something during that birth, though she had the other two much smaller ones, very easily. The first pup didn’t make it, but OC and her brother, Rascal, were strong and healthy. She never “took” again, so I am so glad that I decided to keep OC (the pup on the left).

Bud, Mist and OC took to herding naturally, and learned very quickly to put our goats into whatever pen or yard we wanted them in. It was a joy to watch them in action. My hubby was a truck driver for 33 years, and Mist loved it when she got to go with him in his big truck with the sleeper.

We found out that she had cancer just before she turned 10 years old, and she passed away in my arms the day after her 10th birthday. We all miss her very much, and OC was very depressed for several weeks after her Mama passed. I wrote this poem the day after she left us…

Goodbye Sweet Mist

By Linda Brock ©12/06

I've come to say goodbye
To a dear and faithful friend.

Dear Mist, our love and memories
Of you will never end.

I'm thankful your life joined with ours,
If only for ten years...
Believe me, precious, beautiful girl,
Our lives are richer
Though now we shed tears...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our First Corgi, Buddy...

Hi everyone! It is nice to have a blog where I can share a few things instead of the corgis just taking over… as if they don’t anyway!

We got our first corgi, Buddy, in 1994. My husband, had a husky/shepherd mix for 13 years and they were inseparable. When she passed, he said he would never get another dog unless God gave him a Welsh corgi because: 1. He had seen a “Wonderful World of Disney” movie called “Little Dog Lost” about a corgi when he was a kid AND 2. He didn’t think that would ever happen as we’d never even seen a real one in this area.

A few months later, we had gone to visit a student of mine at her home, and this little corgi (about 7-8 months old) ran out in front of our car as we came around a corner. We watched from my student’s yard for about an hour as the little guy walked around visiting all the yards in that neighborhood and when he almost got hit again by a car, we called him over and picked him up. He had chewed the rope to his collar and escaped. We asked around and no one knew where he was from. We took him home and advertised in the local paper, but got no answer, so Buddy came to live with us.

A year or so later, while we were at a softball tournament, my son was walking him on a leash around the ball fields and a lady came up and asked where he had gotten him. My son told him, and the lady said that it looked like one that she had lost a year or two ago. He had kept escaping, and she figured that he had gotten “picked up” by the pound or been hit by a car. (Why hadn’t she checked the pound or answered the ad?) Then she asked if he had a good home and my son told her that he was loved very much. She petted him and said “That’s good… see you later,” and left. I just told my husband, you better watch what you ask for because there really IS a God and He DOES answer prayers (I had prayed… hubby didn’t)

We had Buddy for about 12 years until he got cancer. It went to his brain, and though he had been fine the day before and playing with the others, he woke me having seizures beside my bed. We took him to the vet and got the diagnosis (he had several seizures on the drive over), then we said Good-bye to our beautiful Corgi boy. He is buried out in the place he loved to lay, under the trees in our front yard. He was OC’s father.

Koda and the life he left behind

When Koda first came to live with us, we were living in Montana. He came to us 02/11/2005, having been born 12/01/2004. He came to us from a breeder in Atlanta, he had an exciting day flying on 3 different planes and being crated for about 10 hours (I felt bad about that). My son had seen his picture on I think it was Pet Finder and had to have him. His breeder said they had named him Smarty and I tell you, he is one smart dog, in my opinion. He knows how to manipulate me, especially when food is involved.

Koda loved the snow of Montana. When the first snow of the season came, he would bounce around outside in it, hopping about like a bunny. He would stay out there for hours if my son was out there playing in the snow. I had to often call him in to wipe the icicles off his whiskers and then he would want to be right out there again. We did watch him to make sure he wasn't getting too cold out there.

The funnest part was having to clear areas for him to take care of his "business". When the snow got over 4-6 inches in the backyard, we would have to shovel out an area so that he wouldn't be buried.

We lived in Montana until June of 2006 and I often wonder if he remembers those days of snow. Now they are a distant memory since we live in Southern California.

Looking forward to sharing more stories of our silly corgi pup.

Teggie, Watch the Birdie!

Teggie watching Ricco (the blurry blue thing) have his bath

Anyone have a Corgi and parrot combo? We have a Lovebird, Ricco, and Teggie is fascinated with him. She is shy of his beak thanks to a "controlled peck" he demonstrated when she got a little too close to him on the couch, but we supervise them at all times. Just wondered how this might play out...

Teggie is almost 4 months old!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

For MyCorgi members only...

I encourage you to post on this blog and I guess you didn't know that since no one was posting... That said I hope that more corgi stories pop up (that AREN'T about Jake!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HELLO every one! Jakes getting alot of walks!

Hi all readers! Jake has been really cramped up and has been starting to bark alot, and seems to be over energetic, even for him. The solution is simple; MUCH more longer walks. Jake may have an easy time doing that, but his lazy owner would have a much harder time walking around for an hour each day with a bull dozer pulling the leash she's holding so hard that she nearly falls over. I guess I'm ganna have to make it work, or all that I'll be hearing for EVER will be his little "aaars" and barks.

In other news, Jake has, for the first time, swam! While walking him to the forest (there are plenty here in Alaska) I tossed a stick into the lake. Jake wanted the stick so badly that he didn't notice the drop off and was fORCED to swim by the deeper water! If you've ever seen a corgi swim, its cute. I hope he swims some more.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


My Corgi is the blog where Corgi owners chit-chat about there corgis. Pembroke or Cardigan, your Corgi can become an online celeberty.

I will introduce myself as JPWC (jake pembroke welsh corgi) because my Corgis name is Jake and he is a pembroke. He has the excited personality. Socks, toys, plastic, and anything edible (to him) is in danger.