Sunday, June 21, 2009

Naughty Jake!

Today I came home to hear that Jake has completely torn open the garbage and he'd strewn it all over the floor. He also ate the can of corn beef hash we had in there. We're all pretty sure it was because we (as in my sister and me) were gone. That dog just loves trouble, and I know that one day I'll miss it, but man, I hope he dosen't get into so much trouble!


ocmist said...
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ocmist said...

Could be... Corgis are so smart (active mind), they HAVE to be kept occupied with something and they will FIND something to have fun with... especially if it concerns food. Hope there wasn't any onion in the hash as that thins dog's blood, though he probably didn't get enough to cause himself a problem. We put our trash in a closed room (but it's mostly because of Sadie as she is tall enough to tip it.)

At least they are fairly easy to train BECAUSE they are so smart, so if you are consistant in your training, they learn pretty quickly. Linda

Angela said...

Oh, but look at that sweet little smiling face!!! With those cute little pink lips!!! Aren't corgi's just the cutest dogs and they look so inocent! hehehehe


Great Pyrenees said...

Love it i like the in fo in alll of it