Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our First Corgi, Buddy...

Hi everyone! It is nice to have a blog where I can share a few things instead of the corgis just taking over… as if they don’t anyway!

We got our first corgi, Buddy, in 1994. My husband, had a husky/shepherd mix for 13 years and they were inseparable. When she passed, he said he would never get another dog unless God gave him a Welsh corgi because: 1. He had seen a “Wonderful World of Disney” movie called “Little Dog Lost” about a corgi when he was a kid AND 2. He didn’t think that would ever happen as we’d never even seen a real one in this area.

A few months later, we had gone to visit a student of mine at her home, and this little corgi (about 7-8 months old) ran out in front of our car as we came around a corner. We watched from my student’s yard for about an hour as the little guy walked around visiting all the yards in that neighborhood and when he almost got hit again by a car, we called him over and picked him up. He had chewed the rope to his collar and escaped. We asked around and no one knew where he was from. We took him home and advertised in the local paper, but got no answer, so Buddy came to live with us.

A year or so later, while we were at a softball tournament, my son was walking him on a leash around the ball fields and a lady came up and asked where he had gotten him. My son told him, and the lady said that it looked like one that she had lost a year or two ago. He had kept escaping, and she figured that he had gotten “picked up” by the pound or been hit by a car. (Why hadn’t she checked the pound or answered the ad?) Then she asked if he had a good home and my son told her that he was loved very much. She petted him and said “That’s good… see you later,” and left. I just told my husband, you better watch what you ask for because there really IS a God and He DOES answer prayers (I had prayed… hubby didn’t)

We had Buddy for about 12 years until he got cancer. It went to his brain, and though he had been fine the day before and playing with the others, he woke me having seizures beside my bed. We took him to the vet and got the diagnosis (he had several seizures on the drive over), then we said Good-bye to our beautiful Corgi boy. He is buried out in the place he loved to lay, under the trees in our front yard. He was OC’s father.

Koda and the life he left behind

When Koda first came to live with us, we were living in Montana. He came to us 02/11/2005, having been born 12/01/2004. He came to us from a breeder in Atlanta, he had an exciting day flying on 3 different planes and being crated for about 10 hours (I felt bad about that). My son had seen his picture on I think it was Pet Finder and had to have him. His breeder said they had named him Smarty and I tell you, he is one smart dog, in my opinion. He knows how to manipulate me, especially when food is involved.

Koda loved the snow of Montana. When the first snow of the season came, he would bounce around outside in it, hopping about like a bunny. He would stay out there for hours if my son was out there playing in the snow. I had to often call him in to wipe the icicles off his whiskers and then he would want to be right out there again. We did watch him to make sure he wasn't getting too cold out there.

The funnest part was having to clear areas for him to take care of his "business". When the snow got over 4-6 inches in the backyard, we would have to shovel out an area so that he wouldn't be buried.

We lived in Montana until June of 2006 and I often wonder if he remembers those days of snow. Now they are a distant memory since we live in Southern California.

Looking forward to sharing more stories of our silly corgi pup.

Teggie, Watch the Birdie!

Teggie watching Ricco (the blurry blue thing) have his bath

Anyone have a Corgi and parrot combo? We have a Lovebird, Ricco, and Teggie is fascinated with him. She is shy of his beak thanks to a "controlled peck" he demonstrated when she got a little too close to him on the couch, but we supervise them at all times. Just wondered how this might play out...

Teggie is almost 4 months old!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

For MyCorgi members only...

I encourage you to post on this blog and I guess you didn't know that since no one was posting... That said I hope that more corgi stories pop up (that AREN'T about Jake!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HELLO every one! Jakes getting alot of walks!

Hi all readers! Jake has been really cramped up and has been starting to bark alot, and seems to be over energetic, even for him. The solution is simple; MUCH more longer walks. Jake may have an easy time doing that, but his lazy owner would have a much harder time walking around for an hour each day with a bull dozer pulling the leash she's holding so hard that she nearly falls over. I guess I'm ganna have to make it work, or all that I'll be hearing for EVER will be his little "aaars" and barks.

In other news, Jake has, for the first time, swam! While walking him to the forest (there are plenty here in Alaska) I tossed a stick into the lake. Jake wanted the stick so badly that he didn't notice the drop off and was fORCED to swim by the deeper water! If you've ever seen a corgi swim, its cute. I hope he swims some more.