Thursday, July 16, 2009

Comments on Dott & OC…

Goodness, so long has passed… I’ve been pretty busy with my other blogs (I do 5 with this one) and I’ve been twittering, too. This blog, I believe, is to share MY feelings and thoughts on Corgi ownership.

As you may have read on the Country Corgis Blog, we aren’t sure if Dott is pregnant or not. She did manage to sneak out with Doug, but then we had bred OC 5 times (she only came in once a year & we started when she was 2) before she actually took and had pups, so we don’t know what’s going to happen as this wasn’t a multiple breeding. Dott came in only 6 months ago, and that is what all the other dogs (other than corgis) I’ve had over the years have done… May take after the prolific Chihuahua/Doxie’s I’ve always had. I guess we will see.

I think that having a full male that had been out “catting” as we used to call it, around, may have triggered her heat, as she is 3 and only had 2 heats before and they were a year apart (as both Mist and OC’s have always been.) Then, when she came in, it triggered OC because she has NEVER had a heat in less than a year between and she is 10 years old! It is an interesting concept… I wonder if they didn’t come in very often because they weren’t around other dogs, very much, that weren’t neutered.

OC seems to be doing alright after having been stepped on (sort of) by Tuffy (the 1200 lb. Palomino). She didn’t move fast enough to get out of his way and I don’t think he actually stepped on her (though it looked like it to me at the time) I think he may just have grazed her hip and it rolled her, or maybe her corgi herding instincts caused her to duck down and roll. Anyway, she didn’t seem to have any problems the first day or so (I watched VERY closely the first night because I wasn’t sure if her adrenaline was hiding something—she got MAJORLY TICKED at him!) I had to MAKE her come in cause she was going to give him “what for!!!” We don’t call her OC (Ornery Cuss) for nothing!

The third day, she was pretty gimpy, but that may have been because she overdid on their run. She usually gets that way if she tries to climb anything while they are out. She never pays attention to herself if her mind is on something else… like the other dogs running around or trying to chase something, etc. Sometimes, when she is having trouble standing up, if I hold a piece of chicken breast jerky in front of her, THEN she can do it after only one or two tries when she is having a hard night… other times, I have to pick up her hind end and then she is ok once she is standing. (I know the feeling as it works like that for me too, now-a-days with my hip/back problems) “UP’s” are HARD!

It is interesting, as I read a book about animals that mentioned that they don’t like for others to see when they are having problems as it is an old instinctual thing to help them not look weak to predators. They have to trust you a lot or really have problems before they will show weakness. She is just so “big-hearted” and I love her so much!