Sunday, May 31, 2009

Teggie, Watch the Birdie!

Teggie watching Ricco (the blurry blue thing) have his bath

Anyone have a Corgi and parrot combo? We have a Lovebird, Ricco, and Teggie is fascinated with him. She is shy of his beak thanks to a "controlled peck" he demonstrated when she got a little too close to him on the couch, but we supervise them at all times. Just wondered how this might play out...

Teggie is almost 4 months old!


Baylee said...

happy almost 4 months of life Teggie! I think I may have heard off some people with corgi-bird combo, but I just have a corgi.

a corgi said...

no other pets here, Koda is a 1-pet in the family and spoiled, LOL! so cute how Teggie us fascinated by Ricco; they are so funny to watch and interact with


ocmist said...

We've had cats in the past when OC was younger (not lately since the coyotes tend to get them, and I'm allergic anyway... daughter had them) Sneakers thought he was a dog and OC loved him. She would run up to him and he would smack her quick with both paws on each side of her muzzle--wap,wap,wap-- but without the claws, and she would just sit there and grin!

We've also had rats and the corgis would "tolerate" them, but that was all. They would let them crawl on them if I told them to stay and be good, but if the rat came up to their nose, sniffing around, they would turn their heads and not look at it... Sort of seemed to be saying "If I don't look, then I won't be tempted to bite it's head off and make Mom mad." LOL

Great Pyrenees said...

He is so cute.