Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HELLO every one! Jakes getting alot of walks!

Hi all readers! Jake has been really cramped up and has been starting to bark alot, and seems to be over energetic, even for him. The solution is simple; MUCH more longer walks. Jake may have an easy time doing that, but his lazy owner would have a much harder time walking around for an hour each day with a bull dozer pulling the leash she's holding so hard that she nearly falls over. I guess I'm ganna have to make it work, or all that I'll be hearing for EVER will be his little "aaars" and barks.

In other news, Jake has, for the first time, swam! While walking him to the forest (there are plenty here in Alaska) I tossed a stick into the lake. Jake wanted the stick so badly that he didn't notice the drop off and was fORCED to swim by the deeper water! If you've ever seen a corgi swim, its cute. I hope he swims some more.


Infrared Goggles said...

I love watching Corgi swimming! Jake is lucky. :)

ocmist said...

Yes, Corgis sure do have TONS of energy and with their "big dog" lungs, they can make themselves heard!

BG walked into the lake, when we took them camping, to follow his dad all on his own. Then he saw a leaf "swimming" by and ended up swimming himself. LOL! Linda