Sunday, May 31, 2009

Koda and the life he left behind

When Koda first came to live with us, we were living in Montana. He came to us 02/11/2005, having been born 12/01/2004. He came to us from a breeder in Atlanta, he had an exciting day flying on 3 different planes and being crated for about 10 hours (I felt bad about that). My son had seen his picture on I think it was Pet Finder and had to have him. His breeder said they had named him Smarty and I tell you, he is one smart dog, in my opinion. He knows how to manipulate me, especially when food is involved.

Koda loved the snow of Montana. When the first snow of the season came, he would bounce around outside in it, hopping about like a bunny. He would stay out there for hours if my son was out there playing in the snow. I had to often call him in to wipe the icicles off his whiskers and then he would want to be right out there again. We did watch him to make sure he wasn't getting too cold out there.

The funnest part was having to clear areas for him to take care of his "business". When the snow got over 4-6 inches in the backyard, we would have to shovel out an area so that he wouldn't be buried.

We lived in Montana until June of 2006 and I often wonder if he remembers those days of snow. Now they are a distant memory since we live in Southern California.

Looking forward to sharing more stories of our silly corgi pup.


Cookie said...

You actually miss the snow?! YOu are crazy!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment made my day :) Also, feel free to send your 20 year old up here to help creat more problem spots. There is always more to do ;)

Infrared Goggles said...

Icicles on his whiskers! Oh, wow! Adorable photo. Pretty happy to live in Florida where it is warm enough to walk Teggie all year 'round, I don't miss snow...

ocmist said...

Our "full corgis" loved the snow (what little we get around here) but the Chorgis (Chihuahua/Corgis) don't have a coat that is as warm and they don't want to play out in it very long before they are back inside, shivering.

I am so glad to see you posting about Kody here, Betty, and it was great to learn how you got him. He is so beautiful and is marked so similarly to Bud and OC.

silver star said...

Your stories are very cute (the ones I read)! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Great Pyrenees said...

adorible pics