Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jake Escapes

Jake escaped today (again.) He somehow managed to slip out of his collar, and then he started chasing after a truck! We live near the woods, so it's not too good with escaped corgis. Especially since we also have lots of bears. When Jake escaped, we drove off in search of him, but couldn't find him. When we returned home, we saw Jake sitting in front of the door waiting for us! I guess if Jake was more car smart, we';d allow him to go outside without wearing a leash more often.


ocmist said...

Oh... so glad that Jake is OK. That is one reason that I use a metal choke collar whenever we go out for a walk. I've always taught my dogs NOT to pull on a leash or collar (which is a LOT easier with a choke collar... I never let them pull. If they do, you just give a quick tug& release each time until they quit pulling), and it tightens down enough that it can't slip over their heads in an emergency.

Life With Dogs said...

Damn I was spooked for a minute.

Don't you hate when they do that? :)